This summer we are having unprecedented heat waves, especially in Karachi, killing 635 by heat stroke. I think the rulers of the country, who are sitting in their air conditioned offices and houses need to explain to the people why they have failed to protect them. Why there are so few trees and parks in Karachi? If we had enough trees and parks in Karachi I am sure the mercury would have not shot up to 48c and to make matter worst increase in load shedding and too it.

The government announced before Ramadan that people would get relief from load shedding but it worsened. What has Nawaz Sharif’ government done so far to overcome load shedding problem during the last 2 years? PML-N made big promises during election campaign 2013 to control load shedding but it has failed entirely to deliver on this promise. It is understandable that new power generation projects take longer time but whatever could be done in short term (i.e control power theft and reduce line losses) was not done as well.

How many power thieves the government has caught and punished so far and how many MW of electricity has been saved from power thieves? What has the government done to reduce line losses? The answer to both is nothing. Line losses, according to media reports are around 27 % which is unacceptably. Dubai Electricity and Water Company (Dewa) had 6% line losses, in 1999 which have come down to around 3 % in the year 2014, due administrative actions of the concerned authorities. I believe since the government has failed to reduce power theft and line losses at least the federal and state minister of Electricity and Water Khawaja Asif and Abid Sher Ali should both resign and let someone capable do this job.

PML-N now claims that there will be no load shedding by the end of 2017, when new power generation projects will be completed. I would like to ask them why it took them two and half year to start and also tell them that adding more power generation capacity and producing more electricity, without controlling line losses and power theft, will be like pouring water in leaking bucket. Can we have some people with common sense in the government?


Dubai, June 23.