Pakistan, and its tunnel vision, reflects equally in civil and military leadership. The country needs a complete overhaul of its elementary, middle and high school education system to avoid such issues 20 years down the road.

Maybe following the education system of countries that produce good leaders and mangers, could provide a breakthrough. The current education system imparts knowledge only that most of the times is devoid of conceptual understanding and does not induce critical reasoning or good management skills.

The background of this write up is the current crisis in Pakistan which is a joint blunder on the part of civil and military leaderships.

The country is being ruled by military for almost the last 40 years – directly or indirectly – 1978 onwards. Army does not trust politicians, mainly because of their lack of credibility and the way Zia demarcated a clear line between the mindsets of army and civilians. 

They themselves have a tunnel vision where they simply don't know how to get along with someone who does not share their vision. Diplomacy is a word that doesn't exist in their dictionary. They cannot be blamed for this since it helps them perform their jobs better. 

There is a vacuum right now because PMNS did not confer powers to anyone on his departure since he doesn't trust anyone. His not getting treated in the country was again a decision which did not work out well for Pakistan – a very wrong mindset which has started affecting the country now.  A quick fix is needed especially if he doesn't come back immediately before or after Eid.

Army has messed up on the foreign policy front. Keeping the foreign policy in their hands post 2014 dharna was a bad decision and has backfired. Again because of the tunnel vision, Pakistan's relations with its neighbors have been strained.

Now going off tangent from the main highlight of this post; Imran Khan's pro Taliban policies and vendetta against Sharif family declares him a misfit for any leadership role. The guy loses all rationale with personal dislike clouding his thought process.

As for Bilawal, he seems too far off from ground realities. Apparently he is completely ignorant of the bad administration in his own province. His speeches and rhetoric don't ring a bell since Karachi is in a dismal state and he is the heir of the wealth of his father.

Of the Oxford graduates, Bilawal's is a case of immaturity and the fact that his basic education was in Pakistan and Dubai, whereas Imran Khan is a product of Pakistani education system.

To be fair to all four parties of Pakistan, none has a visionary leader, a leader that wants to change himself for the betterment of the country.  They all might be sincere in one way or the other, but their wrong attitudes have started hurting the country.