With due you respect, I want to use my right of freedom of expression regarding the race to the Whitehouse process. In America, the result of New York primary has arrived but, what is really appreciating that all the canditates are consuming their maximum confronting power to convince the voters to vote them.  

This campaign does not end at any road but goes far away, reccently with CNN’s anchor Anderson three candidates including the Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruiz gave highly revealing privacy interview with their family members without any hesitation. People were asking questions from every side of life and and they had to answer those question which they did. Not only this few months befor all the candidates were gathered toghether sharing the same stage with a gap of few inches, debating on each others policies, putting up with hard hitting comments on theirselves without losing their temperament and answering the bitterest questions asked by the people.  

On the contrary, in our country even a federal minister and representative of opposite party can not even listen to each other and constructive debate is far far away, the debate comes to end when one person starts calling names of the opposite one. Why the so called leaders like Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Imran Khan and others come on one stage, listen to each other’s comments, bearing all the conflicts and answer the nation in a convincing way ?Why not the same system of choosing our representatives as it is in America? Do not these leaders have the dignity, character and tolerance? If they do not have any of it then why we call them our leader?.I hope with the help of your respected newspaper I will convince people to think on this. 


Karachi, May 4.