Amjad Sabri’s death has broken many hearts and people have paid tributes to him in their own way. Some arranged candle light vigils, other’s sand or played his kalam, and a group of artists have made a painting of the celebrated qawal in Karachi working with Farrukh Shahab, a senior Karachi artist.

Aqib Faiz and S. M Raza paid have painted Sabri’s picture on a wall in Korangi which has been greatly appreciated by the locals. Speaking to The Nation Aqib said, “I was listening to Amjad sahib’s qawali’s when the idea suddenly struck me. I messaged a friend and he agreed to it too. We immediately got down to work.”

About needing permission to do this work he said, “We needed permission from Memon Foundation as it was to be painted on its wal, in Korangi. Apart from that we needed permission from a few other local bodies, which was given to us without a hassle rather we were appreciated a lot.”

Earlier they were planning to start a “Dewar e Meharbani” on the same spot but then after the murder of Amjad Sabri they changed their mind and made his picture there; people are also donating clothes there for the needy. They plan to make their next project on Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Their work is being appreciated on different forums of the social media as well.

For the last two years, wall painting is the latest trend in Karachi and it has slowly spread to other parts of Pakistan. Its aim initially was to beautify the walls of graffiti which was an eyesore and spoke of the tasteless scenes haunting the city walls.