DERA GHAZI KHAN-The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) DG Khan has completely failed to run the department in all aspects as corrupt mafia rules the roost in the department.

Matters have become so worse that PML-N lawmaker Syed Abdul Aleem Shah has lodged a complaint to the DCO regarding corruption of the TMA but the district administration had turned a deaf ear to the issues, the local residents complained.

Moreover, the Regional Director Audit District Governments DG Khan has also pointed out broad malpractices of TMA in an audit/inspection report on the accounts of TMA DG Khan for the fiscal year 2014-15.

The audit objections have revealed the clear picture of corrupt mafia in report. As per the audit report, Rs28.786 million less has been deposited in account of Registry Fee on transfer of Urban Immovable Property and Mutation Fee (Inteqal Fee) of rural immovable property.

The report pointed out that the Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) allotted the property rights to the residents of Kachi Abadis in DG Khan but did not recover government dues amounting Rs2.061 million. Likewise, 58 residential schemes were established in the area of TMA DG Khan but conversion fee of land and map fee amounting Rs49.459 million was not recovered from the owners.

The report said that TMA has failed to recover an outstanding water rate charges Rs16.740 million from 16938 domestic and 395 commercial connections and Rs320.900 million of arrear rent of shops has not been recovered.

The report pointed out that in 27 construction scheme of tuff tile, the TMA has lost Rs5.300 million in the shape of reducing of rate and poor quality of tuff tiles that were purchased from local manufacturer Shaheen Precast Association DG Khan instead of P/L Tuff Tiles.

The report found out that huge amount was lying in the DDO Bank Account No. 0039440-000-09 of Bank of Punjab DG Khan. As per cash book, the opening and closing balance was shown as NIL during 2014-15. But as per bank statement, the opening balance as of 01-07-2014 was Rs12,639,926 and closing balance as of 30-06-2015 was Rs1,957,225.

The opening and closing balance of the cash book did not reconcile with bank statement. Neither any detail of issued cheques was maintained on the cash book nor was any bank reconciliation statement prepared to verify the outstanding balance.

The balance can easily be misappropriated by the officials like Tehsil Officer Finance Jam Muhammad Saleem. It was pointed out that TMA authorities could not achieve the receipt targets by Rs18.115 million including advertisement hoarding boards fee loss amounting Rs6914670, similarly TMA authorities neither recover roads design approval fee & sewerage design approve fee nor took any action against the owner of residential schemes. Due to least interest of TMA authorities, Tehsil government has to sustain a loss of Rs1.740 million.

The report found out that as per observation of “Demand and Collection Register” different contracts including rickshaw, van, dala and bus stands, fee along with toilets fee, Pathar Bajari fee and advertisement through hoardings were awarded to various contractors during June-2015. But advance income tax amounting Rs2.708 million of contracts was not recovered at the time of awarding of contracts.

It was noted in the report that tenders for 41 schemes valuing Rs101.330 million were called for works, only in Urdu newspaper instead of one English and Urdu. Particulars of Technical Sanction No & Date was not mentioned in the news paper which depicts defective tendering. The date of opening tender was different as published in the newspaper and in the PPRA website.

It was said in report that works of seven development schemes worth Rs4.300 million were advertised in local newspapers as well as PPRA’s website but the response time for receipt and opening of bids was less than 15 day. It was violation of Rule 13(1) of Punjab Public Procurement R-2014.

The documentary evidence depicted that undue favour was given to the contractors and TMA has to sustain loss f Rs397,502/-

Talking to The Nation, TOF Jam Saleem verified the papers of audit report which was shown by The Nation; however he said that audit report was not conducted properly. Moreover he also admitted that TMA DG Khan has not submitted the annotated replies of audit within specified 07 days.