ISLAMABAD - In the face of complete deadlock on Panama leaks probe the ruling PML-N has decided to make another attempt to rope in opposition parties in dialogue process on the issue, though main opposition parties do not seem interested in ‘wasting’ any more time.

Government sources said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has tasked some senior party leaders, having wide acceptance among the opposition parties, to approach the mainstream opposition leadership to convince them on rejoining the Parliamentary Committee on Panama Papers to reach on some settlement on probe mechanism.

The PTI and PPP have recently filed references against the prime minister and some of his close family members with the Election Commission of Pakistan seeking their disqualification for concealing facts about their assets.

Sources in the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said this move has sent a panic wave in the top echelon of ruling party and once again the doves in the parties were out to placate the opposition parties on Panama leaks issue.

But on the other hand, except for some smaller parties, the opposition parties, especially the PTI and PPP, were of the view that no negotiated settlement on the issue would be possible in the face of stubborn stand taken by the government on terms of reference of the probe commission.

The sources in opposition parties termed the fresh move of the government just another bid to buy more time and delay the matter so it could lose steam over time.

These sources said that opposition parties would resume the committee’s proceedings only on concrete assurances on part of the government team members that they would accept some basic demands of the opposition parties on the probe mechanism.

PML-N sources said that the filing of references against PM and some of his close family members has created panic situation for the party. It was in this backdrop that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif barred the party hawks from crossing limits in their attacks at the opposition.

Especially, they have been directed to be soft toward Pakistan People’s Party, probably with the hope that former president Asif Ali Zardari would finally support them in the name of ‘politics of reconciliation and consensus’, a source in the ruling PML-N further informed.

But some other people close to the decision-makers in the ruling PML-N rejected the impression of government getting panicked with the filing of references by PPP and PTI, saying that all what Premier Nawaz Sharif wanted is to avoid any street protests against his government which would not be possible in next few months.

These sources, however, confirmed the fresh plan of government to approach the opposition parties on rejoining of the Parliamentary Committee on Panama Papers but at the same time made it clear that government was in no mood to give any major concessions to the opposition on the matter.

Soon after the breakdown of the parleys between the government and joint opposition the leaders of some national parties in coalition with the ruling PML-N approached the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah to convey the message that government would show some flexibility on the formulation of ToRs provided opposition also concede some ground.

But that effort yielded no result as the opposition parties were not prepared to back out form their key demands, especially initiation of the probe from the prime minister’s family, sources informed The Nation.

Sources close to the opposition parties said they would not be ready to give any concession to the government at all, especially on its demand to start probe from PM’s family.

They said opposition parties had filed reference against PM and his other family members just to keep the issue alive until the harshness of summer decreases so they could launch street protests.

“Opposition parties firmly believe that ruling PML-N will not come to terms on Panama Papers probe and finally they will have to resort to street protest to make them accountable for their deeds,” a member of the Joint Opposition team remarked.