Honor killing is a sheer refusal to the jurisdiction of Islam. Islam prohibits the forcible marriage and without the consent of a virgin. What is the base behind for those unscrupulous people that give them strength to go with this irrevocable sin and crime? Is it their pride and prestige that they kill the weaker one and leave the strong one scout free. Whereas in this society people live with this discriminated patriarchal system where boys have given the right to chose their life partners and always been encouraged for this.  

But,the matter is totally opposite to the girls when a girl show her willingness to someone. She is being accused by notorious words and being tagged as a characterless. Islam is a religion that gives equal rights to men and women. For Us , a glaring example comes from the first marriage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when Hazrat Khadija (RA) Herself sent her marriage proposal to Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) .How can Unscrupulous people easily defend themselves by going with honour killing? 


Faisalabad, May 4.