PESHAWAR - Due to lack of monitoring system of whole sale market, the medicines market profiteers have created an artificial shortage of Myrine tablets being used in the treatment of bone TB and being sold on exorbitant prices in the market.

During a visit to the market, this scribe witnessed a huge stock of the Myrine in the wholesale market but the profiteers do not show to customers giving the excuse that these medicines are not available in the market but only with a limited stock.

The prices of one pack of 80 tablets was Rs 534 before the artificial shortage but now these tablets are being sold at Rs 1500 per pack which is huge burden on the customers.

Namak Mandi is the largest whole sale market of the medicine from both national and for multinational companies and they are supplying the medicine not only to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also to Afghanistan.

They are earning huge profit without creating any artificial shortage and almost they are getting more than 50 percent profit on a single item.

An officer of the health department told this scribe that normally tuberculosis is being treated free of cost in hospitals and the medicine being used for ordinary tuberculosis is given free of cost at the centre, however, in special cases like bone TB the Myrine is being used which is now disappeared from the market.

In charge TB control Program Peshawar Doctor Taj Mohammad said that the medicine related to bone TB is now disappeared from the market due to alternative product of the government.

He maintained that Myrine-P and Myrine simple are used for bone TB.