In actuality measles is not a menace disease, but unfortunately owing to the paucity of proper health care it has become a fatal disease which can be easily prevented by exercising vaccine. Reports of children, most of them under five years in age, dying of measles have once more been coming in from Sindh. In 2016 alone, over two dozen children are reported to have died from a disease that is preventable by a vaccine which can be quickly and easily administrated. It is obvious the vaccine has not been properly delivered. If it had been administrated across the board, we would have not seen the current crop of cases. It is either unfortunate that measles coverage in rural Sindh is reported to stand at under 30 per cent whereas we need to cover the entire population if we are to prevent the disease taking more precious lives.

I urge to the health care to bring awareness to the parents to exercise vaccines in order to save their beloved.


Turbat, May 4.