ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek e insaf has criticised federal government for its slow diplomatic response to block India's bid for a slot in Nuclear Supplier's Group and acknowledged China's resolve of blocking India's suspecious aspirations. 

Additional Secretary Information Dr Waseem Shehzad has stated that fedearl government's inability to deal with the most important issues of regional /global nature causes great concerns among the nation. He said that PMLN's inability to bring forth dynamic and robust foreign policy is becoming threatening to the national interests and harms Pakistan's stance over global issues.

"PM's personalized relations with Indian administration and his family's business interests with the arch rival state overshadow national agenda on water and Kashmir and compromise country's interests overseas " he said adding that Pakistan has always been supporting the global resolve of nonprolifiration however cannot be oblivious to the security challenges posed by US backed India at it's east. 

He also said that United State's unusual tilt towards India and it's desperate attempt to raise it as a regional military is not something to be dealt with conventional diplomacy. Federal government should have come up with a modern diplomatic regime based on facts about India's involvement in Balohistan and Afghanistan to undermine Pakistan's efforts to rein terrorism and it's hegemonic trends to make global powers understand the threat embedded into Indo-US adventures.

"It is somehow the failure of Pakistan's diplomacy that despite having rendered the maximum sacrifices in terms of human lives, properties, infrastructure and economy to the global move against terrorism, it faces isloation and subsequently have to depend heavily upon China whose compassion for pakistan and its interests has been beyond any doubt ", he said adding that Pakistan should respond to the situation and ensure critical changes to it's diplomatic measures to come out of this global isolation.

He pointed out that relationships based on mututal respect with the global actors is the most critical target that can never be achieved until current policy is transformed. It is disappointing to note that PM and his government do not seem ready to respond to the global challenges and are determined to carry on with their policy of immobility and idleness, he added.

"A Prime Minister hell bent upon establishing personlized relationships with foreign states and compromising national interests could humiliate the nation on some other front though US backed Indian bid to get a slot at NSG had been foiled with the blessings of China ", he concluded