COLOMBO: The most sacred Relics of Lord Buddha from Taxila Pakistan were taken back to Pakistan after conclusion of a month long exposition at various locations around the island nation.

The most sacred relics were handed over by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickramasinghe to the High Commissioner of Pakistan Maj. Gen. (R) Syed Shakeel Hussain, at an impressive ceremony held at Temple Tree. Senior Buddhist clergy, Ministers, Government officials, as well as officers of Pakistan High Commission in Colombo were present on the occasion.

During the month long exposition of the sacred relics in Sri Lanka, over 9.3 million devotees paid their respects and homage to the holy bone relics from Taxila.

In addition to the millions of devotees the President, the Prime Minister, Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament, Ministers, Parliamentarian, Secretaries of Ministries, Commanders of the Armed forces, Inspector General Police and other prominent personalities paid homage to the sacred relics from Pakistan.

While speaking on the occasion, the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka Maj. Gen. (R) Syed Shakeel Hussain said that Pakistanprides itself to be the motherland of Buddhism and Gandhara. The relationship between the two peoples exists from times immemorial taking a firm shape through two thousand five hundred years old linkages established during the golden era of Gandhara civilization.

He said that the deep mutual love between the two peoples transcending all material bases is the essential ingredient of inherent strength of this special relationship that is further cemented by the commonality of eternal values of universal peace and love espoused both by Buddhism and Islam.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe, thanked the Government of Pakistan for provision of Lord Buddha’s most sacred relics from Pakistan’s Taxila region. He further said that the importance of collaboration between the two friendly countries has increased tremendously in modern times for promoting cultural, civilizational and trade dialogue among the nations of the world. The exhibition of the sacred relics in Sri Lanka has further strengthened the already existing deep rooted cultural relations between the two friendly nations, he added.

The sacred bone relics of Lord Buddha were sent by the Government of Pakistan on the special request of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickramasinghe, during the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif to Sri Lanka in January 2016.