Islamabad - Sale of uncooked frozen food, especially snacks, has surged as people like fried items in Iftar.

    Different varieties of samosas, rolls, kababs etc are highly in demand at Iftar time as people like savvy food according to the taste of family members. Not only big food chains offer these items but a large number of local industries is also involved in this business besides that few people also took advantage of the trend and started it at homes judging the need during Ramazan.

Irum Noreen started the business of frozen food items at home shared that she was planning to do some work to increase her financial resources and as a trail she started it in Ramazan last year. “The response was so amazing that I earned much profit last year, although I did not do any publicity just talked to my relatives, family friends, neighbours and acquaintances and they all showed interest and I got a good number of orders”, she told APP.

She said that children demand fried items at Iftar and women usually did not have time to prepare fried stuff at home daily so they prefer to buy it from market.

Aslam Zahid, a person buying frozen food items from a big store said, “My wife is a working woman and my children love fried food so we have to buy these items from market as my wife has no time to make all these things at home.” He added that the cooking oil used in markets for frying is substandard and secondly due to hot weather no one wants to go out to buy such items so it is better to take the uncooked items and fry them at home.