LAHORE - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has yet not reached the point where it will be in a position to bring ordinary political workers to party’s higher ranks, Chaudhary Sarwar said yesterday.

Replying to a query about bringing the foot soldiers of the party to the mainstream, the PTI leader told the media that the political parties in Pakistan, including PTI, which are trying to make some difference, have not reached that point as yet where ordinary political workers can be mainstreamed.

In western democracies, Sarwar said, election campaign funds are organised by party for a candidate while in Pakistan, he added, it is the responsibility of the candidate to feed his campaign. “In this scenario, it does not seem possible in the near future those ordinary party activists could get party tickets,” he further said.

When asked about the Panama Leaks issue, the former governor speculated: “The people who are named in Panama Leaks offshore accounts may be given amnesty under some law and conditions under which the offshore account holder may be given three months time to deposit 50 percent of the money as plea bargain to evade any jail penalty.”

“PPP may not be able to sustain in Punjab any further if it dodges the PTI over the matter of Panama leaks campaign.

“It is the talk of the PPP Punjab circles that it should take some real opposition steps to remain alive in the political scene of Punjab,” the PTI leader said while replying to a question on the apparent alliance of both parties over the issue.