Education system is a basic priority for any country but what if its been regarded as a joke? 

Talking about Sindh, Education system has become a joke. Sindh’s school system is suffering from major problems with nobody to monitor them. To state a few i’d say: Most schools are either badly constructed or poorly maintained. Electricity issues are so much common that concerned authorities have lost interest in them. Private schools are still in better shape but Government schools are just devastating. Then rattafication method is so common, all thanks to our government teachers who are either absent on regular basis or are old enough that you’ll be more concentrated in their health rather than their lecture which again is close to a joke. Moreover, these teachers are not much qualified. A Matric passed student can easliy get a job as teacher in Montessori and if you are Inter passed then you are eligible for Matric class’s teacher post. 

Having said that. i’d request Sindh Government to take necessary actions in this regard and help in improvise our education system. 


Karachi, May 4.