ISLAMABAD - Former information minister Muhammad Ali Durrani on Tuesday demanded that Caretaker Prime Minister Justice (retd) Nasirul Mulk and the four provincial caretaker chief ministers should resign from their posts for “their total failure in maintaining neutrality and impartiality to conduct the general election.

“Caretaker governments at the center as well as at the provincial level have proved themselves to be an extension of the previous government that completed five years parliamentary mandate on May 31,” he said while talking to the media. He claimed that provincial government’s machinery and local government departments in Punjab and Sindh were involved in electioneering of the previous ruling class blatantly, openly and without any hindrance and the whole process of electioneering has lost its purpose.

Durrani alleged that governor houses of four provinces have been turned into election cells of the PML-N while government resources were being utilized in favour of the PPP and the PML-N in Sindh and Punjab respectively.

He pointed out that the local government department employees have been spotted and government vehicles and machinery were publicly seen busy in election activities of the parties who had governments in these provinces.

“Incidents of such nature have put the whole election process to a serious question and in great peril,” he said adding that the interim prime minister and CMs have not been able to prove their much-needed neutrality, rather the caretakers were in a quest to re-impose the previous ruling regimes again. “Evidence has been collected of these acts of sheer violations, which has already been flooded on social media for the last many days without any notice by the caretakers.

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