KARACHI - PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif concluded his two-day visit to Karachi on Tuesday with vows to deliver massive infrastructure projects to boost the nation’s economy.

Shehbaz Sharif held marathon meetings and rallies and promised to solve the country’s problems by forging consensus with other parties if elected.

“The country is facing big challenges and we will solve it with consensus, if we are given the chance,” Shehbaz told reporters, adding that “one party can’t solve it alone.”

Addressing a news conference, Shehbaz said the PML-N government would strive to develop Sindh like Punjab if voted to power.

He said he had started his election campaign from Karachi after intensive thinking. He stated the Rangers had restored peace in Karachi through their relentless work and sacrifices and ended extortion and target killings.

Shehbaz said he had written a letter to NAB that he would appear before them after the elections. He said he had already appeared before the NAB and answered all their queries. He said he himself had pinpointed corruption in the Saaf Pani project. He stated he was a public representative and answerable to the people.

He said the Punjab government had saved Rs 70 billion in different projects initiated by it. He said the services rendered by the PML-N from 2013 to 2018 were before the masses and if the party was again given the mandate, it would serve the people with a new spirit.

He observed the people of Karachi did not have transport facilities and potable water. He said he had come to Karachi to return to the city its lights and, if voted to power, ‘Karanchi’ of ‘paan-eating brothers’ would be developed and beautified more than Lahore. He said Danish schools would be established in Karachi, adding the time had come to provide transport facilities, clean drinking water and jobs to the jobless youth of the city.

Shehbaz said, “If elected to power from here, we will resolve the issues of Sindh, including Karachi, on priority basis.”

He said it was the PML-N government that restored peace in the city and now it was time to give model public transport to it and revive its lights.

Responding to a query regarding electoral alliances in Sindh, the younger Sharif said all options were open for them and the decision would be taken keeping in view the future political situations. “I will visit GDA leader Pir Pagara if he invites me,” he said, responding to a query.

Later addressing a rally in Lyari, Shehbaz promised to improve the infrastructure of Karachi to international standards. “If you elect me, I will change your fate,” Shehbaz promised the rally.

The Green Bus could not pace Karachi roads because of ‘sweets’, he said, adding a few individuals from Karachi seeking ‘sweets’ reached the country which was to deliver the buses.

“If ‘sweets’ would be demanded like this then public transport project won’t be completed until the Day of Judgment,” Shehbaz added while addressing media in Lyari. “If the people of Karachi vote for PML-N, then we will bring buses without ‘sweets’,” he added.

“We will not spare those who have taken away your money to Dubai,” he said, criticising PPP. He added even buses in Toba Tek Singh were far better than those in Lyari. He said if the people wanted to change the condition of Lyari, they should vote for PML-N.

Talking to a delegation of PML-N minority wing led by Kheal Das Kohistani, Shehbaz said a national government was need of the hour and if elected with majority in the upcoming polls, even then they would form a national government. “We will cooperate with anyone who wins in the polls,” he stated.

He said there was no doubt that elections would be held on July 25 and hoped the transfer of power would take place in a democratic manner.

He said Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz appeared before the courts for the supremacy of the judiciary and faced the court proceedings as per law. “We are not afraid of anyone and will win the polls on the basis of our performance,” he said.

The PML-N senior leader ruled out construction of controversial Kalabagh Dam without the consensus of all provinces. “The construction of Bhasha dam will solve the water shortage problem,” he asserted. He underlined the need for the construction of small dams to end water shortage in the country. He said the construction of Bhasha Dam would be priority of the next PML-N government. He averred debate on Kalabagh Dam was waste of time, which should not be discussed anymore as there was no consensus on the project.

The PML-N president said questions would arise if the National Accountability Bureau’s actions were not transparent.

He said public transport was a major problem in Karachi, adding there should be at least 10 metro lines in the metropolis. He asserted the PML-N government would complete three orange line projects in the city.

Addressing an event at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Shehbaz vowed PML-N would take concrete steps to resolve the issues of water shortage, infrastructure, waste management and public transport.

“Sit-ins wasted precious time of the country and resulted in postponement of the Chinese president’s visit, which delayed progress on CPEC for one year. The entire country was brought to a standstill and progress on various projects was halted due to sit-ins in Islamabad,” he said.

“When we came to power in 2013, there was a grave challenge of security and power shortage. We worked untiringly and reduced power shortage by 90 percent if not 100 percent.

“We will make Karachi a model city not only in Asia but all over the world,” he said. He lamented Karachi never got its due economic right. “A special package should be given to Karachi and a comprehensive business policy should be introduced,” he asserted.

Shehbaz refrained from endorsing his brother Nawaz Sharif’s statement on aliens and remarked that he is unaware of the presence of any ‘aliens’.

“The Holy Quran only mentions jinns and nothing else,” he remarked while addressing an event in Karachi on Tuesday.

He further remarked that Rangers have played an integral role in restoring peace to Karachi. “We will make Karachi better than Lahore if given a chance. You are free to compare our performance with that of our competitors.



One party can’t solve all problems: Shehbaz