According to the Karachi University policy, two foreigners from technologically advanced country appointed by the university’s Board of Advanced Studies and Research evaluate PhD theses. In this regard, they charge students a handsome amount of money for the evaluation of theses by foreign reviewers. However, they do not pay the fee to the foreign professors. The foreign professors are reluctant to accept any thesis for evaluation, as they know that they will not get the evaluation fee from the university. 

Furthermore, the Karachi University does not take any responsibility for sending thesis to the professors. Students have to send theses through courier service themselves to get a quick response from the professors. After charging students significant amounts of money, the university administration does not even bother to send theses on their own. 

Students have been facing a lot of problems owing to this situation, and the reputation of the university is also at stake in the international academia. The authorities concerned should look into the matter so that doctorate candidates can get their thesis evaluated without spending the extra money and wasting extra energy and precious time. 


Karachi, June 21.