LAHORE (PR ) Regarding a video clip circulating on the web on delayed baggage delivery at new Islamabad airport, PIA has reiterated that this an old incident and notice by president & CEO PIA Musharraf Rasool Cyan was immediately taken on it and instructions were passed to PIA teams deputed at New Islamabad Airport to provide maximum facilitation to the passengers especially in baggage handling area. Regular follow up on situation on ground at new Islamabad airport is taken by president & CEO's office.

The infrastructure of IIAP is unlike other airports in Pakistan and is still having issues, specially the functionality of baggage conveyer belts. PIA management is in close coordination with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to resolve any issues in performance due to this. It may be noted that other airlines are also facing delays in baggage delivery due to these airport infrastructure constraints. It was briefed that since the inauguration, various improvements have been made. Moreover, there has been remarkable improvement in baggage delivery delays since time of inauguration of the new airport and have been brought down to a minimal due to efforts of PIA management and on ground teams.

PIA management aims to completely eliminate all baggage delivery delays and customer feedback is regularly obtained and actions are initiated instantly to resolve any issues. Strict disciplinary actions are taken against unauthorised absenteeism and failure to plan for such situations. PIA is making systematic improvements at all levels by enforcing discipline, providing additional manpower and expanding the fleet of Ground Handling Equipment.