OKARA-The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI] has put its all out efforts into election campaign to defeat corrupt mafia in the upcoming polls.

It was conveyed by Haji Ch Saleem Sadiq, PTI candidate for PP-189, during a media talk here the other day.

"Now the former PML-N ministers are staggering for support on the bases of false pledges and fabricated stories of progress during their five-year tenure," he said.

He claimed that the PTI would win the upcoming election, adding that the party would root out the menace of corruption from all sectors of life sowed by the PML-N rulers.

He said that PTI chairman Imran Khan stood in the field with passion of serving the nation with truthfulness, honesty, and faith in goodness.

He added that the rival politicians feared his straightforwardness. He pointed out that the Pakistani nation had been in dire need of such stalwart leader since long. He expressed his optimism that people would vote for the PTI for better and bright future.

Police to ensure foolproof security for polling

HAFIZABAD-The district police would play its vital role to maintain peace in the district to ensure free and transparent elections, DPO Saifullah Khan said.

According to a press release issued from the DPO office, the code of conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan [ECP] would be fully implemented and law violation would not be tolerated. He further said that no one would be allowed to exhibit firearms and the violators would be taken to task. "The police would provide complete security to all the political gatherings and the organisers of such gatherings should get prior permission," he added.

Riaz Fatyana gets PTI ticket

KAMALIA-The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has withdrawn ticket given to Haidar Ali Khan Kharal, son of late former information minister Khalid Khan Kharal, for NA-113 and granted it to former education minister Riaz Fatyana.

The PTI has also granted a ticket for Provincial Assembly seat [PP-122] to Ashifa Riaz Fatyana, wife of Riaz Fatyana. Riaz Fatyana and Ashifa Riaz Fatyana have been elected as an MNA and MPA for these constituencies in 2002 elections. No formal response has been released by Haidar Ali Khan Kharal and Murtaza Khan Kharal-PTI candidate for Provincial Assembly ticket.


A fire broke out in a shoe store, established in the house of Ejaz, resident of Mohallah Niazabad, Kamalia the other day. The incident was reported to the fire brigade and a fire-fighting team arrived to put out the fire. The house, however, situated in a very narrow street and the fire brigade vehicle could not reach the site. The fire-fighters used fire extinguishers and water from nearby houses to control the fire and stop it from spreading to the other houses in the area.

DPO vows better law, order

KASUR-Newly-posted District Police Officer [DPO] Muntazir Mehdi stated that the policemen were bound to maintain law and order in Kasur district.

During a meeting with journalists at his office here, he said that the cops had been advised to treat public with courtesy to bridge the widening gap between police and the common man.

He vowed to bring all the criminal elements to their logical end, adding that the district police would ensure foolproof security on Election Day and all the SHOs and SDPOs had been directed in this regard.

The DPO pointed out that the police could not eradicate crime from the society without public assistance, and adding that peace maintenance was a dream impossible to be materialised if there was no public-police cooperation.

The district police officer also urged the mediamen to cooperate with police and play their due role in maintaining law and order in the district. "Media is the fourth pillar of state. Its role is crucial in upholding the supremacy of law," he pointed out.

On the occasion, mediamen assured the DPO of their cooperation for the maintenance of peace and also made suggestions for the eradication of crime or any illegal activity in the district, especially on Election Day.