KARACHI - Adviser to CM Sindh on Information, Law and Anti Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab said here on Wednesday that Sindh Assembly did a record legislation in last ten months.  He said that Governor Sindh has not given approval of Police Order Amended Bill yet. Talking to the media at Sindh Assembly today, he said that the Police Act 1861 expired and Police Act 2019 has been implemented in Sindh. Replying a question regarding the country’s economy he said that condition of economy was worsening day by day.

He said that Dollar rate increased from 158 rupees to 164 in a single day and recalled that Khan sahib used to give lecture that whenever Dollar rate increased the economy of country was disturbed and used to blame that dollar rate always increased due to corrupt rulers.

“Who is responsible for the current critical situation,” he questioned Imran Khan. He said that Federal Government admitted in the budget that it acquired maximum loans in last ten months. Further he added that Federal government has failed to attract foreign investment.

Barrister Murtaza alleged that Imran Khan was responsible for this worst condition of country’s economy and said that if economic decisions were to be taken by IMF it would further increase the economic difficulties of people of Pakistan. He further criticized Imran Khan that he thought that running government is like winning world cup but to run state affairs was not an easy job.

He also added that Imran Khan rarely attended the National assembly session and he attended today’s session when opposition was busy in APC.