Eating paan is a major part of Karachi’s culture, but it has also become annoying for the people.

Those who have the habit of eating paan must be made to realize their duties towards the hygiene of the city. We also need a strong, concentrated campaign against paan spitting. Banners must be put up to remind people of the anti-social nature of ‘paan’ spitting. A fine of Rs.500 must also be introduced.

‘Paan’ chewing is a tradition which will not stop. But the law should be framed to ban spitting it in public. ‘Paan’ spitting leaves red marks on the pavements which are not easily removable. As a punishment, the spitter should be obliged to clean the spit.

Cleaning it up not only costs a lot of money but is also a very anti-social act. In addition to the germs that it spreads, this act of spitting is also uncouth.