This week a province-wide survey was started in Lahore to promote pasteurized milk. The idea is to check the demand of the pasteurized milk in public and also to create awareness regarding the importance and need of the pasteurized milk.

The director-general Punjab Food Authority, along with the field teams, also talked to the people and asked how their views of this step. The Punjab Food Authority plans to ban the sale of loose milk by 2022 and replace it with the pasteurized milk which will help eliminate milk adulteration.

Adulteration is a serious issue in our country. Every day millions of people drink adulterated milk and get sick. This step will help reduce illnesses caused by drinking such milk. According to a report, 70% of the milk sold in Pakistan is somehow adulterated. This figure clearly shows how much this issue needs to be addressed. To achieve food safety, such steps should be welcomed, since they are for the greater good of the public.