The state where half of the population lacks the access to safe food, where the majority of children are malnourished, where people put their lives on stake to have one meal a day for their family is also a state where people waste tons of food every day. They do not consider the fact that the chunk of food they throw in the dustbin means a lot to those children who stay hungry for hours.

Recently, one of the most responsible government body of Pakistan, the Punjab food authority took the initiative to create an awareness campaign about the food wastage. But this is not enough to cope up with such big problems. We, as citizens, should also take this responsibility and do not encourage the wastage of food. We should cook as required. If we are dining out, we should order the quantity we can finish. If we are left with the extra food, we should give it to the other people who can satiate their hunger with it. Our one plate of food can be a full meal for a family. Save food and be a responsible citizen.