ISLAMABAD          -         A Pakistani volunteer couple, who are doctors, has expressed solidarity with China against Covid-19 and hoped that the world’s community would take benefit of Chinese experience of controlling the deadly virus.

“Diseases do not respect borders. We don’t care about WHY, WHO or WHERE; we only care about saving lives,” said Pakistani Hamad Abdul Zahir and Mauritian Sumayyah Hosany, a married couple who worked as doctors at Panhealth Medical Center and volunteered in China’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic in Wenzhou, China, says a report by China Economic Net (CEN).

The couple said that the Chinese people impressed them greatly by the way they cooperated with the local authorities, the way they respected the lockdown and the way they followed the rules.

About their experience of the prevention and control of COVID-19, they mentioned that they mostly used social media like Facebook and Instagram to keep their families and friends updated about the latest COVID-19 researches.

Besides, they helped friends abroad who are doctors by sharing experiences relaying the Chinese CDC guidelines along with the established drug regimes used in the hospitals for treating COVID-19 patients in China.

For Hamad Abdul Zahir, the situation in Pakistan is truly alarming. “It’s difficult for Pakistan to enact the same measures as China,” he said, “but I hope they can learn from China and reformulate some measures that could be effective in Pakistan.”

Also, as iron-clad friends, Pakistan and China have always stood strong and together against any adversaries. The Sino-Pak bond has proven time and again to be unbreakable, he further said.