In early May, Bill Gates argued that US coronavirus testing data was "bogus" because of its inaccuracy and slow turnaround.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has warned of a substantial increase in coronavirus cases across the US this autumn if the country’s actions pertaining to the problem do not change.

Speaking to CNN on Friday, Gates said that “as you get into October and November, this thing [COVID-19] will be back in big numbers if we don’t restrain our behaviour more than it looks like we are right at the moment; our behaviour and our contact tracing is not working well”.

He added that the US continues “to have a very large case spread” and “it is embarrassing versus Europe or other countries”.

Gates also rejected allegations of the US having the largest number of virus cases because it is conducting the most testing as “completely false”.

“It’s fair to say that you can find more cases when you do more testing. But the US is experiencing a rebound even once you factor out the increased testing”, the Microsoft co-founder pointed out.

Gates also said that with the US “learning how to treat people better”, the country is “less overloaded” when it comes to treatment of all those suffering from the COVID-19.

“But the global picture and the US picture are both more bleak than I would have expected”, he noted.

Additionally, the billionaire expressed concern over the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Brazil and India, saying that “we do need to think about the world here”.

“Without US leadership it’s been hard to pull together a response. And now the developing countries are bearing the brunt of the burden”, he concluded.