ISLAMABAD            -      The PTI’s government in Friday’s national assembly session faced strong criticism over the recent statements of Prime Minister and his ministers about fake licenses of pilots, using word martyrdom for Osma Bin Laden (OBL) and claims for taking appropriate measures to control coronavirus pandemic.

The opposition members, raising objections over the allocations of different ministries, said that the statement of Minister Ghulam Sarwar about pilots brought bad name to the country.

They targeted Prime Minister for terming current account deficit as only indicator to gauge the economy of any country and opposed the decision for not increasing salaries and pensions of government employees. The opposition also held responsible Prime Minister for initiating new controversy by using word martyrdom for OBL.

The house, in eight hours long proceedings, has approved over hundred demands for grants related to different ministries and attached divisions and departments for the next fiscal year.

Perhaps for the first time opposition did not move cut motion on some of demands for grants. Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), an important part of opposition, did not spared its opposition allies [PPP-P and PML-N] for taking NRO from incumbent government in return of not moving cut-motions

PML-N’s senior MNA Ahsan Iqbal, raising objection on the speech of Prime Minister, said that there was contradiction in the statements of Prime Minister about taking loans, size of federal cabinet and other matters. “This government has taken loans against the tall claims of Prime Minister,” he said mentioning that Prime Minister had claimed to run federal cabinet with only 18 ministers but the size of incumbent government’s federal cabinet would comparatively larger than all previous governments,” he said, counting the contradiction in the speeches of prime minister. He further said it was not Madina state model but it could be called an attempt to turn the country into Soviet Union. “What kind of Asian tiger it [Pakistan] is becoming, as currently it is too weak to walk,” he commented.

PPP-P’s Nafeesa Shah, taking part in debate on demands for grants, held responsible Prime Minister for initiating new controversy by using word martyrdom for OBL. She was of the view that Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar should apologize over his statement about fake licenses of pilots. “This statement brought bad name to the country,” she said, demanding resignation of Minister for Aviation for allegedly giving wrong statement.

She also faced interruption during her speech and later a treasury bench member Asma Hadeed exchange harsh words with her.

A senior member from PPP-P Naveed Qamar also targeted prime minister for terming current account deficit as the only indicator to gauge economy of any country. “There are many more indicators to gauge economy of any country including GDP,” he commented.

Another PPP-P’s MNA Shahida Rehmani, taking part in the debate, could not control over her emotions while talking about her parents. “My father and mother are COVID-19 patient…they are on ventilator, If anything happened to them I would register FIR against Prime Minister,” she commented. She said Prime Minister had never left any stone unturned to criticize Sindh province,” she said. A JUI-F member Asad Mehmood and Maulana Abdul Shakoor criticized the way of conducting legislation on finance bill. “It seems NRO between government and opposition main parties as no cut motions were moved,” Maulana Abdul Shakoor commented.