The Country Reports on Terrorism 2019 is another display of how Pakistan’s contributions to the global fight against terrorism get undermined constantly. The spillover effects of the war on terror hurt the Pakistani economy significantly; it resulted in the loss of almost 80,000 Pakistani lives. Even after paying such a high price for making the world safe, the report is essentially accusing Pakistan of not doing more by omitting our sacrifices and the progress made here at home and in the region.

The US needs to look inwards before attacking Pakistan for not doing enough against regionally focused groups. The document notes the progress made in the world against Al-Qaeda, but by not recognising Pakistan’s fundamental role in achieving this, the report is essentially glossing over facts that have nearly brought peace to the region.

The Pakistan Foreign Office’s (FO) response to the report in rejecting and setting the record straight by detailing the role of Pakistan in the War on Terror is entirely justified. Furthermore, calling out the report for its silence over externally-based groups that spare no opportunity to try and destabilise Pakistan was also necessary to clear any misconceptions. The document under discussion is yet another tool to cover up the failures of the US in achieving her targets in the so-called war on terror.

FO’s rejection of the report is a display of solid strategy. In matters of public perception both local and international, it is always good to set the record straight as soon as possible. While the FO’s rejoinder cleared the air immediately, it also reminded the world of Pakistan’s contributions to ensure global peace. Pakistan must continue with this confident posture in international affairs as a standard practice.