KARACHI - Safe Food is not a luxury as misconceived by many, rather it is the right of every human being. This was the crux of the 8th Safe Food Conference 2009, titled "Safe Food - Significance in Recessionary Times", in which speakers highlighted the importance of safe and healthy food intake. The conference was held under the auspices of the English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) and the United Registrar of Systems (URS). Speaking on the occasion Deputy Managing Director of the EBM, Saadia Naveed, said that the importance of the safe food must remain the top priority even during the recessionary period. She further stated that the health must always remain our top priority. Saadia was of the view that the moot would help enhance awareness regarding the safe food which, she added, is the right of every individual. "Safe food should be looked at as a strategic, long term investment." Naveed A Khawaja of the EBM said that his organisation had been promoting the concept of safe food for the last 40 years. Ali Khan, Chief Executive Officer of the URS, said that the consumers rights organisations should emphasise on the need that the manufacturers ensure that the required safe food code was fulfilled. Speaking on 'Food safety and global recession', Abdul Rashid, Regional Director of Johnson Diversary Consultants, a Dubai-based firm, said: "Food crisis has been deepened due to rising food prices. As much as 40 per cent of food is wasted in developed countries; for this a requisite of dynamism and better business management is required." Rafiq Rangoonwala, CEO Cupola Group, spoke on 'Food safety management and local perspective.' Hamid Maker, Chairman Consumer Protection Council, defiantly targets the audience for not using their consumer rights to project their conscious rights in public, fearing insecurity.