There was a time when human beings and animals lived jointly in cafes. It was an age of brotherhood between man and animals. Unfortunately, civilization has destroyed this man-animal harmony. The citizens of the developed countries have betrayed their primeval ancestors. They have unfilially transmuted their ancestors' caves into skyscrapers. The contemporary civilized man detests the mother earth. He loves to live as far above the earth as possible. No wonder, he had created skyscrapers. Piteous mother Ruffian sons The undeveloped countries have created a new brand of caves. These are called slums. Comparatively, the caves were comfortable habitats. The slums are absolutely hellish. Just show a lion a man-made slum and ask him to exchange his cave for the slum. He must feel insulted and might deliver a slap across your face. The civilized man is busy destroying nature's beauty by building skyscrapers. The animals are distraught. Their eyes are asking: "Why don't the nature destroyers take a leaf out of our book?" Almost every undeveloped country has a two-dimentional ideology. It has a political ideology and an economic ideology. Politically, it is a democracy. But economically it is a dictatorship. It dictatorially uses its political power for making the masses more and more miserable. The democracy enables the rulers to monopolize all the resources of the country. Nothing is left for the masses. The masses must survive on nothingness or perish. Visit any undeveloped country which is a democracy. You would burn your eyes by seeing almost the whole of the country plagued with slums. The slums are a gift of democracy For years, America has been bombarding Afghanistan for capturing Osama. The country's mountains and caves are making a fool of America. Had Afghanistan been a developed country, it would have transmuted its caves into skyscrapers. The skyscrapers would never have been a safe haven for Osama. Skyscrapers are sitting ducks for aerial bombardment. No wonder, Osama had no problem in destroying the New York Towers. The Afghans crushed the British invaders. Their mountains and caves were their major weapons of offense and defense. The Taliban crushed Russian by using the caves as their arsenals. Currently, they are giving a horrifically tough time to the Americans. Because of the caves, it is phenomenally easy for the Taliban to hit the enemy. But it is phenomenally difficult for the enemy to hit back effectively. America's problems in Afghanistan are created by the country's mountains and caves. For the Taliban, the mountains and caves are a tremendous divine gift. Virtually, they are for the Taliban what America's atomic weapons are for America. America can't destroy the Taliban unless it first destroys all the mountains and caves in the region. The Pentagon would love to pulverize the entire country into dust. But does it have the technology for the objective? One wonders Suppose America does crush all the mountains and caves into powder. But how would it convince the Americans that Osala was a part of the powder? Luckily for Osama, All the regions encircling Afghanistan are nothing but mountains and caves. If Osama smells the American intentions, he could easily fly into some adjoining region. But the destruction wouldn't be only one way. Would be Americans allow the government to pour riverfuls of American blood into the mountains and caves just for a mugful of Osma's blood? Never Obama has hinted that instead of pouring more troops into the Afghan inferno, he may start withdrawing from the country. So far, Bush has been silent about Obama's policies. Actually, the silence is thunderously denouncing Obama. What a tight-lipped malice If Obama did withdraw, it would be a godsend for Osama. And the Taliban would jubilantly reoccupy their throne. But Pakistan would be a great sufferer. America would no longer need Pakistan's services. The dollars Pakistan used to earn by selling its services would disappear. But Pakistan can't afford to be dollarless. It would desperately need new buyers of its services. We are sure that we would be able to get new buyers. We have a wonderful record of serving America. The potential buyers must be tempted by this record. During Bush's regime, there were regular public protests up and down America against Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The protesters kept crying louder and louder. Poor protesters They just did not know that Bush had got his ears and eyes sealed. He hated to see the protesters. And he hated more to hear the protesters' cries. The protesters are again on the streets under Obama's regime. But, lucky for them, Obama has kept his eyes and ears wide open. He seems to have been moved. The protesters are smelling victory round the corner.