KARACHI - Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) President Sultan Ahmed Chawla has expressed his strong dismay at KESC's deliberate well-below capacity power generation, while people of Karachi, the economic hub of the country, were facing extended hours of power outages. In this context, he referred to a television interview of Tahir Bisharat Cheema of PEPCO, wherein he pointed out that PEPCO was providing 600-800MW electricity; well-above 250MW that they were asked to provide. Cheema had further stated that with this additional 600-800MW power supply, the Kesc had no reason to resort to load-shedding, if it did not reduce its own power generation. Chawla citing facts and figures said that the installed capacity of Kesc's various generating stations was 1,690MW against the maximum demand of 2,300MW. The maximum demand supply gap of 600-700 MW was bridged by IPPs (Tapal & Gul-Ahmed), KANUPP, PS and PEPCO. The FPCCI chief lamented that the Kesc was deliberately curtailing its own power generation for reasons best known to them and thus playing havoc with the lot of trade, industry and people in general, thereby inflicting dead-weight loss on the national economy. He urged the Kesc to ensure maximum utilisation of its capacity by streamlining its operations in the greater national interest and there should not be any load shedding. The FPCCI urged the President, Prime Minister, and Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf to intervene and save Pakistan's commercial/industrial hub.