ISLAMABAD (APP) - Islamabad Police have requested District Magistrate Islamabad to conduct trial of the prisoners accused of killing an ex-serviceman, within the premises of jail for certain security reasons. "The persons involved in the murder of Faisal Amir Alvi are dangerous and we have requested District Magistrate for their trial within the prison," Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Tahir Alam Khan said. He said that Capital Police have also requested the Interior Ministry to appoint DIG Headquarters and SSP (Logistic) in Islamabad because the strength and the requirement of the force had increased and it is really tough to handle various matters. The SSP said police are gathering the information about the activities of various guesthouses and restaurants. An Intelligence gathering network is being prepared in this regard and the list is being compiled for crackdown against the guesthouses involved in immoral activities. The SSP said that Islamabad police are planning a security plan following which a police official would monitor a specific area and compile the list of rented houses, tenants, students of religious seminaries and those dealing in 'rent a car/bike' business. To a question, he said a proposal to devise a security plan in Urdu language instead of English is under consideration because sometimes the low rank employees can not comprehend it.