It was very distressing to see Mr. Amir Liaquat in the last few programs of Alim on Line. A private channel has given him the seat of intellect from where he waxes eloquent with his puerile views on politics of the country. If he is so tempted to comment on the country's political affairs, why doesn't he start some other program or at least change the title of this program. It was also unfortunate to see him blaming India openly for the assault on Sri-Lankan players earlier this month. In the situation where none of the Pakistan's intelligence agencies has so far, officially or unofficially, accused India of complicity in the attacks, how can Mr. Liaquat claim so conclusively, and in such a dramatic manner, that India was behind the Liberty attack? After Mumbai attacks Pakistan's media, politicians, civil rights activists and public in general were screaming at Indian media to wait before blaming Pakistan till there is some evidence to support it. Unfortunately, we are doing exactly what they were doing then. -KAMRAN SHAUKAT, Dubai, UAE, via e-mail, March 9.