LAHORE - Pakistan Electric Power Company has claimed that the present power shortfall would be reduced from April 1 when the enhanced water releases from Mangla and Tarbela would help cut the duration of loadshedding. According to a press release, the actual power shortage being faced by the system on account of low releases from Tarbela and Mangla reservoirs, is 1500 MW during day time and up to 2500 MW during peak hours. This shortage, which is likely to persist till March 31 is resulting in six to eight hours of load shedding for general customers, while only four hours of closures are being faced by the industry, including textile mills. According to press release, the above six to eight hours of load shedding is being undertaken by the DISCOs on the basis of firm schedules and no deviation has taken place and the schedules are being followed in true letter and spirit. However, spokesman explained that a System Maintenance Program is also under way and a sustained basis around the year for all DISCOs and the shut downs, required or maintenance are being availed are wrongly being perceived as part of load anagement. According to the press release, power loadshedding during the coming summer season is set to reduce significantly as compared to last summer season owing to wise measures taken by the government. The power consumers are likely to endure only 6 to 8 hours loadshedding during peak summer season this year as compared to 14 hours of power outages during the last summer season. During the last summer season the power deficit had reached upto 5000 mw. The situation has improved significantly this year due to prudent measures taken by the government. Two IPPs have already initiated power production last year, and added 550 megawatt in the system. It added that efficiency of PEPCO's two plants have also been increased to 300 MW. A total of 19 power generation plants having capacity of 3502 megawatt would start generation at the end of this year. Press release said that total available power generation capacity of PEPCO is 14,088 megawatt. It said the dreaded menace of loadshedding would be eliminated completely by December this year. The power deficit from March 19 to 31 this year has reduced from 1500 mw to 2500 mw as compared to 2200 mw to 3800 mw shortage witnessed during the corresponding period last year, it added. A number of measures are being taken to enhance power generation capacity of PEPCO. Term Finance Certificates worth Rs 81 billion would soon be issued aimed at clearing the outstanding payments of various gas companies and Independent Power Producers (IPPs), it concluded.