LAHORE - Former Olympian Munir Dar has lashed at another former Olympian Islahuddin Siddiqi for his criticism of the Pakistan Hockey Federation. Talking to journalists here Thursday, Munir Dar said that Islahuddin remained in the PHF set up in different capacities as a coach, manager and chief selector since his retirement but now when he is out of the federation, he has started crying fowl. Dar further said that he along with late Brig Atif were responsible for the downfall of the Asian hockey because these two were the members of the International Hockey Federation rules committee and during this period changes in different rules damaged Asian hockey. "They, with the connivance of the Europeans, changed the rules which ultimately went in favour of the foreign teams," he added. Another Olympian and Munir's brother Tauqir Dar said that Islahuddin was member of the FIH rules board for the last 17 years during which the off-side rule was abolished that severely damaged the Asian hockey and for the first time when he did not get any job in the PHF he started crying like a child. "I would ask him that other than foreign trips, what contributions he have towards hockey after his retirement. How many players he has given to Pakistan hockey other than crying foul," said Dar. He further said that if someone is working for the game since retirement, it is Hanif Khan, who has given a number of players to Pakistan hockey and also visits the ground daily. "If former players like us just give 20 percent of our time in practical work on the field like Hanif, the game would return to its right track. Dar said that now Islahuddin should also retire from foreign trips and if he has any love for the game left in him then he should open academy in Karachi and serve the game in proper way.