WASHINGTON - The United States said Thursday that it has no plan to have "substantive" talks with Iranian officials at the forthcoming conference on Afghanistan in The Hague next week. Asked if US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet Iranian officials at The Hague conference scheduled for March 31, State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid said: "There are no plans for that at this time." Instead, the spokesman added that Iran needed to play a "positive" role in trying to stabilize Afghanistan. US officials have said time and again that Washington has no plan for any substantive meetings with Iranians although US President Barack Obama delivered on March 20 a message to Iran by videotape, saying, "I would like to speak directly to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran." The United States, which severed its ties with Iran in 1980, has been at odds with Tehran on, among others, its alleged support for militant groups and disputed nuclear activities.