WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President Barack Obama will unveil his administration's new strategy in Afghanistan on Friday (today), in a bid to turn the tide against a growing insurgency, the White House said. "The President is making calls and briefing members of Congress based on the conclusion of that review, that the President will announce tomorrow at the White House," spokesman Robert Gibbs told a news conference Thursday. The strategy is expected to rely on more US troops, expanding Kabul's security forces, wooing "moderate" insurgents, stepping up civilian aid efforts and a diplomatic push focused on Pakistan's role. Outlines of the blueprint have emerged in recent weeks, including plans to bolster development projects and tackle insurgent havens across the border in Pakistan. Officials said the strategy would likely bring no major surprises when it is announced on Friday. "Separate elements of this have already been discussed in other public forums," a US defence official told AFP. The "civilian surge" planned by the administration would involve hundreds of experts to help with agricultural, administrative and other development projects designed to improve local and regional govt, officials said. Obama is planning to send an additional 4,000 US troops to Afghanistan to help train security forces there, US officials said. The brigade would be deployed "later this year", a defence official told AFP, in a move that follows a decision last month to send 17,000 troops to join the 38,000-strong force already in Afghanistan.