UNITED NATIONS - Voicing its outrage over Israel's continuing "inhumane and unlawful" siege of the Gaza strip, Pakistan has underscored the need for establishing a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question. "The world at large has witnessed much cruelty -- and more cruelty -- as mere spectators," Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon told the U.N Security on Wednesday, referring to the devastating three-week Israeli military offensive against Gaza killing 1,300 people and thousands more wounded. "Whilst Israel deserves criticism, no less responsible is our international community which is complicit in its inaction," he said in an impassioned off-the-cuff speech. The Pakistan envoy said that peace was slowly becoming a word meaning "do nothing" in the diplomatic lexicon, which was a sad commentary on where mankind was heading. The Jewish community had faced a horrible Holocaust, but the Abrahamic communities had given strong leads towards civilization, he said while participating in a debate on the situation in the Middle East. During the persecutions in Spain, Muslims in Jerusalem had invited the first returns of the Diaspora, the Pakistan ambassador recalled. It was, therefore, sad to read how young, idealistic soldiers of the Israeli Army had been inducted with the fervour of a religious war, he said. Having faced all those tribulations, how could they inflict the same on others? To retaliate with the might of an empire and kill thousands in reprisal was all the more regrettable because it had been done by a people known for their fortitude, resilience and courage. Strength did not come through the domination of others, the ambassador said. Ambassador Haroon said the unresolved Arab-Israeli conflict remained a severe thorn in the side of the United Nations and the world community. Hopes had been dashed repeatedly and international incidents had been created from small events. Draconian policies had been seen, as had the fragmenting of Palestinian society. He said the continuing inhumane blockade had turned the Gaza Strip into a prison and the enclave had been bombed back into the Dark Ages. "The world at large has witnessed much cruelty," as Israel inflicted devastation in Gaza. Where was the moral outrage that would result in a meaningful turn in the lives of the Palestinians, the ambassador asked. There was need to bring about a change for the better in the lives of the Palestinians. Ambassador Haroon said the international community, complicit through its inaction, should refocus its attention on reinvigorating the peace process and striving towards a comprehensive and durable solution for which the parameters already existed: Security Council resolutions; the principle of land for peace; the Oslo terms of reference; the Road Map; and the Annapolis framework.