LAHORE - Three miscellaneous applications have been filed before the Lahore High Court - two for becoming necessary party in an already pending petition against Governor Rule in Punjab, one challenging the 'scandalous language' used by the petitioner, a day ahead of a full bench will start hearing of the main petition. PML-N Punjab President Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa and Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashood Khan have filed applications under section 151 CPC read with Order I Rule 10 CPC for becoming necessary party in the petition titled Zahid Hussain Malik versus Federation of Pakistan. Punjab govt filed the third application for striking down some 'scandalous sentences' from the main petition against Governor Rule. The application was filed through counsel Fawad Chaudhry submitting that the petitioner used inappropriate and scandalous language in his petition which should be struck down. Counsel pointed out some sentences of the petition containing 'disgraceful language': "which is aimed to destroy the country's fragile democratic order, even Prime Minister is reported to be half hearted in support of this action and so are some of the main allies of the ruling party headed by the President...... It establishes the prevalent prospective of the anti-democratic nature of this order of the President." "Conversely, this action has opened up a door to foreign interface in Pakistan's democratic affairs there by impinging on the country's sovereignty." "The Prime Minister is on record of having said that he was not in favour of doing this terrible thing to the interest of the electorate of Punjab by this decision of the Federation." "The Prime Minister admitted on 26th February, 2009 he did not know what had happened in this matter until the order of dismissal of the Punjab Government was signed by the President; it shows how "deeply" such matters are being handled. That it would be unthinkable for any head of state in civilised parliamentary system to use public powers in the manner in which it has been scandalously utilised in this instant case. In the prayer clause, petitioner Zahid Malik said: "Patently malafide and maliciously motivated to and aimed at defeating the course of constitutional democracy in the country." Applicant counsel said the above referred sentences are scandalous in its nature and have no concern whatsoever with the matter in question. A seven-member full bench will resume petition of Zahid Malik along with another identical petition filed by advocate Malik Tariq Aziz. Earlier the bench headed by Chief Justice Sayed Zahid Hussain on March 25 had sought replies from federal and Punjab governments till March 27 (today) on the petitions. The petitioners collectively took the pleas that the proclamation order was based on no material as mandated by the constitution because the order only relies on the sole ground of the Supreme Court orders pronounced earlier on that day by which then chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was disqualified from the assembly's membership.