RAWALPINDI - Police on Thursday claimed to have busted a family of dacoits and arrested six-members including three women and recovered stolen currency worth 2.6 millions from their possession. As per details, a police team arrested the alleged criminals identified as Imtiaz Hussain Jafri, Perven Fatima, Sakena Kazim, Zainab Kazim, Ali Raza and Hasnain Raza. The alleged criminals revealed that all the members of the family took round of the city different areas during the daytime and kept an eye on the vacant houses. On finding such a house the men stormed into the houses and deprived the inmates of their valuables. During investigations, the accused confessed eight robberies including a dacoity in the house of a high government official in Airport Police jurisdiction. Police have also recovered the stolen valuables worth Rs 2.6 million. CPO announced cash prizes and certificates for the team members for the successful action against the culprits engaged in depriving the people of their valuables.