March 16 has proved to be a red-letter day. Cynics who claimed that Pakistan is not fit for democracy have been repudiated. People which were treated as a redundant entity have become the most important pillar of power. It is now to be seen whether Zardari plays a constructive role in allowing the judiciary to become genuinely independent. With the reinstatement of CJ Iftikhar, people's expectations have been raised tremendously and they now expect changes at grass-roots level. Qazi courts have come in place in Malakand Division from March 16 and started to deliver speedy and cheap justice to the needy. Exactly 491 cases have been filed in just two days. March 16 has also proved that the army is no more interested in indulging in power games or take-overs. Some argue that the army was left with no option and had to stay away because of its engagement in the domestic war against terror. But we need to appreciate the fact that the military establishment did not exploit the situation even though it could have taken the opportunity or even let the situation worsen post Long March. There are lessons to be learnt and the politicians will have to learn them to take the country in a positive direction. All eyes are now on Zardari and Gilani. -ALYA ALVI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, March 19.