It is hoped that restoration of the deposed judges will go a long way toward strengthening true democracy in Pakistan. To set-up a truly democratic system in Pakistan, the government should take the following steps 1) To remove Article 58(2)(b) of constitution that is hanging over parliament like the Sword of Damocles. 2) President Zardari's powers must be curtailed. 3) Prime Minister's powers to be enhanced. 4) In Punjab, the federal government must facilitate the efforts for the formation of the provincial set-up in a transparent manner and avoid horse-trading. 5) Show the exit door to Governor Salman Taseer and advisor Rehman Malik who have seriously tarnished the image of PPP. 6) All the parties must work together for greater national reconciliation and nation building. -ENGR MUNAWAR HUSSAIN, via e-mail, March 19.