One evening I was watching the highlights of the last 20/20 world cup where Pakistan miraculously snatched the victory against all odds. It was a triumph for the whole nation and an iron hand reply to all those who wanted to prove us as a nation of corrupt politicos, extremists who only knew the art of gun shooting and terrorists who are expert in blowing themselves up. After the ubiquitous ban by all the nations to come to Pakistan to play cricket and lobbying by IPL to keep Pakistani players out of cricket; our heroes were still able to hold water. Still mesmerised by these magical nostalgic feelings, I changed the channel. There I found the pundits of cricket scrutinising the current report by PCB highlighting The new great game being played in the dressing room among the players. Traditionally such a game is not new to our cricket. We have witnessed it in many forms in the 90s as well, amongst the great Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Amir Sohail and others. This time it has mutated into its most deadly form and the number of players in this Great Game have exploded. The prize is the prestigious crown of Captaincy. The only good thing about this crown is that it is not hereditary. In a debate among the youth activists of Pakistan Youth Alliance, Husham Ahmed said, We dont have a democratic culture. The politics is meant for politicians and not military dictators. I found it quite ironic that leaving the military aside; our cricket players have perfected this art. Although there is nothing strange about it considering the fact that we find well trained politicians everywhere in Pakistan including government offices, religious institutions, educational institutions and even health care facilities. The guru of cricket conspiracy theories, Mr.Sarfaraz Nawaz, was ready as always to pounce at the opportunity. He took the role of fortune teller by saying that he had already predicted such catastrophic events. While others were considering the recent series loss in Australia and the accusations of match fixing and player politics as the lowest ebb of Pakistan cricket, I considered it as a blessing in disguise. There is no denying that the harsh steps taken by PCB at the brink of the 20/20 World Cup greatly upset the whole nation. But the patient needs the medicine. We all knew about the continuous tug of war among the senior players in the team to become the captain. They wanted captaincy not by performance or leadership abilities but by the mere count of years of international cricket that they had in their bags. Long gone are the days when the players played with the slogan of Dil Dil Pakistan. Now the player prefers to sit outside just because his brother is not good enough to be selected in the playing eleven. Why everyone is so interested in captaincy rather than playing cricket for the love of the game and prestige of the country? Who is playing for Pakistan then? The players live lavishly because our government spends a hefty amount of tax payers money on them. They are not national heroes due to any extraordinary intelligence or looks, but because we consider them as our heroes. This doesnt give them a green signal to do whatever they like. I would love to have a weak but sincere team who wants to play for the pride of the nation rather than a group of celebrities who want to steal the limelight. PCB has an equal share of blame in the current dilemma. The dubious appointment of Yawar Saeed, along with the consistent meetings of Chairman with the players and late announcement of the captain, are just a few of the marvellous blunders of our cricket board. PCB needs to show its effectiveness as an institution. Moreover nepotism and partisanship should be discarded once and for all. Strict rules and regulations should be implemented regarding discipline of players both on and off the field. Severe punishments should be given to all those who are found guilty of player politics. PCB is provided with a wonderful opportunity to clean up the mess of concentrated folly of many years. Its the time for action and not talk.