LAHORE - Upon receiving reports of the illegal printing of Oxford University Press textbooks at a printing facility located at Cattle Park, New Anarkali Bazar, the FIA and the police officials teamed up with Roving Source—a security concern engaged in providing trademark and copyright protection services in Pakistan—to carry out a raid at Rizwan Printing Press.

Around 11,000 pirated copies of Oxford textbooks New Active English Book 2 and New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan Book 3 together with sixty-five printing plates were recovered. An immediate effect of the raid was felt in Urdu Bazaar where all the pirated copies of Oxford titles disappeared from the shelves.

FIR has been lodged against him on the charge of book piracy which constitutes a violation of the Copyright Laws of Pakistan. Such infringements of Intellectual Property Rights cause heavy losses to the publishing industry, the authors, the Pakistan government, as well as the parents and pupils who are cheated into buying sub-standard, pirated books.