KARACHI - Fifteen persons, including women and children, fell unconscious due to food poisoning in a bus on Super Highway near Karachi on Tuesday, sources said.

They said the participants of a marriage party in Hyderabad were returning to Karachi in a bus when 15 of them fell unconscious due to food poisoning on Super Highway near Nooriabad.

Those who fainted, include Bilqees, 50, Arshi, 30, Farhana, 35, Shahmir, 30, Hanif, 5, Usama, 7, Farhat, 45, Sadaf, 45, Hamza, 14, Asad, 30, Rahat, 30, Aini, 26, Nadir, 18, Minhaj, 29 and Shazia, 25. They were shifted to Indus Hospital where their condition was stated to be stable.