WAZIRABAD – There are 41 aspirants of their respective party tickets for one National Assembly and two Punjab Assembly seats in tehsil Wazirabad as nine politicians want to contest elections from NA-101, nine from PP-103 and 22 have applied for PP-104 tickets.

The nine aspirants are: Hamid Nasir Chattha from PML-LM, Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema, Rana Tauseef Ahmad of PML-N, Ijaz Ahmad Samma, Ijaz Ahmad Cheema Advocate from the PPP, PML-Q’s Sajid Hussain Chattha. Jamaat-e-Islami’s Dr Ubaidullah Gohar, Adnan Sarwar Cheema, Shah Nawaz Cheema and Mubashir Hussain Cheema from the PTI.

Out of the 22 desirers of party tickets for PP-104, the 12 include: Mustansir Ali Gondal, Imtiaz Azhar Bagri, former MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema and his Mrs, Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmad, Babu Muhammad Aqeel, Shabbir Ahmad Cheema, Mir Majed Ali Salar, Muhammad Idrees, Imtiaz Warriach, Imran Rasool Butt, Malik Kamran and Babu Wajid Raza Butt. The other aspirants of PP-104 ticket include: Muhammad Asif Kalair, Raja Ishtiaqullah Khan and Shabbir Hussain alias Junejo from PML-LM, ex MPA Ijaz Ahmad Samma from PPP, PTI’s Raja Tanveerullah Khan, Raja Usmanullah Khan, Jehangir Manj and Khurram Mukhtar Cheema, JI’s Muhammad Mushtaq Butt and Muhammad Khalid Cheema of PML-Q.

The nine candidates for PP-103 tickets include Hamid Nasir Chattha, Ijaz Ahmad Proya Advocate, Shahid Nawaz Chattha, former PML-Q MPA Akmal Saif Chattha who has joined PML-N, and Adnan Afzal from the same party, PTI’s Usman Talib Chattha, PTI’s Nawaz Warraich and JI’s Muhammad Khalid.

However, Hamid Nasir is considered to be awarded his party tickets in all circumstances while the opponents of Hamid Nasir are also very active. Former Punjab minister of Shah Nawaz Cheema will contest an election from PTI platform. He is grandson of PPP leader Maj (r) Ghulam Sarwar Cheema late and son of Col (r) Ghulam Sarwar Cheema late who had joined the PTI in his life is also in the race.

Mustansir Ali Gondal is eight-time winner of Bar Association’s president slot in Wazirabad and has a long affiliation with PML-N even during the Musharraf era. As former MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema’s fake degree case is still in the court, he has moved his wife to run the race of the party ticket. Local leaders of the PML-N have divided their voters into three groups after the alliance between the PML-N and PML-LM.

Now, the N League voters are in confusion whether the alliance will sustain or break but Hamid Nasir and expected candidate for PP-104 Muhammad Asif Kalair are in contact with PML-N’s workers and give them respect.  It is expected that PML-N-PML-LM alliance will contest against the PPP-Q and the PTI-Jamaat-Islami alliances. At the moment, Adnan Sarwar Cheema is struggling hard to bring the PTI’s popularity graph at part with the PML-N. Raja Khliqullah Khan is a popular politician in Wazirabad. Political observers think that in tehsil Wazirabad, Hamid Nasir Chattha is on the top with a handsome vote bank of about 45,000. Similarly, Shaukat Manzoor Cheema and Aadil Bakhsh Chattha are also popular among the local people while the PML-Q has no sufficient vote bank to compete with any other party but Sajid Hussain is in a position to bag votes of the opponents of Hamid Nasir.