While corrupt and disgraceful ruling classes have shamed the name of Pakistan, one unique man has been acclaimed as a hero all over the world. Pakistan lost this hero in Air Commodore M. M Alam, Sitara-e-Jurat `Bar', the legendary indomitable fighter pilot, who passed away at the age of 78 on March 17, 2013. Though Pakistan Air Force is much smaller in size than the Pakistan Army, it has been very lucky to proportionally produce more extraordinary figures, and even as compared to its sister services. Mr Alam was definitely one of the best the PAF has ever produced. He made a world record in less than a minute, i.e. he shot down five Indian fighter aircrafts in 55 seconds, thus becoming an ‘Ace’ pilot of the PAF in 1965 war against arch-rival India.

This unique feat has never been achieved by any other fighter pilot in the world. Not by any American fighter pilots in Korea or Vietnam or in Middle East war or by any European fighter pilot during the Second World War, despite their long engagements and experience. Those 55 seconds in the murky weather of September 1965 unleashed an unprecedented fury into the veins of the IAF (Indian Air Force) as their backbone was virtually crushed by this greatest fighter pilot of modern jet warfare era. It, indeed, dismayed the enemy beyond measure. Considering his career overall, the Air Commodore was one of the best in the history of fighter flying! I commend the present Chief of the Air Staff who visited him from time to time during his illness and spent time with him despite his busy schedule. In stark contrast, it is shameful on the part of our so-called `leaders because no one from them ever bothered to visit this unparalleled and unsurpassed hero, who would be remembered forever in the chronicles of the best fighter pilots in the world.


Karachi, March 20.