Apparently, PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif’s wish expressed while addressing a mass gathering in Mansehra on Monday to turn the country’s economy into a robust one appears an incredible idea to sell. “The last time we were in power we carried out a nuclear explosion but this time around, we will achieve economic explosion,” he promised to the crowd beset by despair, poverty and inflation. Simply put, as they are not having enough to eat, the prospect of a motorway, airport, and last but not least, fulfilling the longstanding demand of according them the status of a province means a lot. Yet it remains to be seen precisely how and with what means the PML-N would bring about the economic explosion. In the absence of the much needed electricity, the dream of a prosperous Pakistan the party intends converting the country into would be as elusive as ever. When there is virtually no power supply, it would not be possible to resurrect the economy. The shortage could be met by large reservoirs -- including the Kalabagh Dam – which would also generate sizeable chunks of energy. Unfortunately, this indispensable project has for long been blithely ignored by the party.

Definitely Mian Nawaz’s words would strike a sympathetic chord with the people of the area just desperately waiting for a better life. Better still, he ought to come up with a tangible plan to get over one of the most pressing problems at hand.