Though our country got its independence 66 years ago, we have seen that it has gone backward rather than progress to the next step and stand in line with all the other nations. If we look at them, they made education compulsory and spent most of their budget on it, as education brings a nation out of the dark ages. If the pioneers of Pakistan after its inception had been people who wanted the best for it they would have made two major reforms, land reforms and education policy. The rulers since then unfortunately have been selfish people who cared for only enhancing personal wealth.

Why and how did we continue to descend into this abyss can only be revealed by a historian? What we all must ask is why could we never get a leader who cared for this nation? The private education sector has helped enrich the children of the elite and the rich but what about the millions of poor who were depending on the state to provide this vital necessity? Now the situation is getting worst; the few schools that the government opened have no teachers, are in a complete shambles. Who is to blame? The funds allocated are eaten up by corrupt people and just a few drops trickle down, but not enough even to sustain some education in these schools. Let’s hope that we are served and led by someone who loves this country and its people.


Karachi, March 20.