LAHORE – Excise and Taxation (E&T) motor branch on Tuesday generated around Rs43 millions through auction of attractive registration numbers among motorists, said an officer of E&T.

According to officer, citizens pay heavy amounts to purchase these attractive numbers. He said that LEC-1 for the year 2013 was auctioned against payment of Rs289000. LEC-786-13 against Rs220000, LEC-3-13 against Rs60000 and so on.

Some other two and three digit numbers were also auctioned against heavy payments.

An Excise officer serving in motor branch said that people belonging from well-of families love to match their house numbers, their telephone numbers or their date of birth with their vehicles registration number. To get these same number they pay heavy amounts. He said that some of them have religious mind and they love to get number 786, 5, 77 and etc.

Most of the motorists want to get registration number 1 due to reasons best known to them. An open auction was held at E&T office Faridkot house and bidders were called through advertisement in papers and display of banners in the city.