ISLAMABAD – The Mashal Association, a non-governmental organization working for the uplift of under-privileged women and children in and around Islamabad, held an open-house Tuesday at its welfare complex called Gosha-e-Mashal located at Margallah Town.The event held to introduce the available facilities to the community representatives and supporters of the organization. The school children presented a colorful programme for the members of the Mashal. They also visited various facilities the complex is offering for women and children of less privileged backgrounds.  The founding president of the Mashal, Shahida Azim, briefed about the social welfare complex. She said the complex has been running a free school for girls from class IV to class X since 1988, which can be compared to any good school. It also provides free medical services and medicines and family planning advice apart from running a vocational center that imparts skills to women to be able to generate an income for themselves. The association is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and depends on donations for its ongoing projects. She named the people who have been the driving force of the complex including General Ijaz Azeem, Begum Akhtar Mustafa, Dr. Samia Janjua and Mehmood Zafar. She also thanked other members saying ‘whenever we need support, God send angels to help us and they always support generously’. And they include:  Begum Ibrar, Begum Waheed Kakar, Doctor Saeeda Asadullah, Saeed Mehmood Ahmad, Farooq Qaiser, Farhana Azeem, Naheed Azeem, Rashid Qureshi, Talat Azeem, Malik Ashraf Hameed, Ayaz Khan Khattak and Brigadier Saeed Azhar.Talat Azeem, one of the members, informed that the monthly expenditure of the school, medical, cooking and handicrafts center is over one lakh rupees that is borne by its 40 members through donations. It’s a big contribution for the under-privileged women and children as the school provides free books, uniform even transport facility to the students and besides offer various courses to them to earn something for themselves and their families.On the event the members donated generously and pledged to make an annual contribution towards their cause. Ex-President of Rotary Club Malik Ashraf announced to bear the maximum expenses of the school and the students who want to continue their studies after school education too. The students also shared their feelings and the role of the Mashal in their lives. The event ended with the recitation of national anthem.